Our aim is to connect members of the Military/First Responder world with support organizations and other resources in our local community.


Our Beginning

Heroes gone WILD began as a group of Veterans wanting more than the current offering in the outdoor world for Veteran Support.  We met through various groups and had been on some really cool outings but wanted to take it a step further by allowing members to suggest ideas and help plan events.  We also felt like the First Responder world and the struggles they face were too similar not to be included in what we were after.  It all started with one seemingly meaningless hunting trip to Elm Creek Ranch...


“We take care of each other and there's always someone ready to lend a hand, ear, shoulder, couch...whatever.”

— Brandon HAmmond, Architect of WILD


We organized a hunting trip for 4 combat Veterans to go help a guy clean out some unwanted white-tailed deer.  We ended up taking down 3 trophy bucks, a hog, a few turkey and were smacked in the face with the fact that people want to be involved.  People want to help these guys/gals feel like normal humans any way they can.  People want to launch pumpkins half a mile into the air and try to land it in a pond....

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Our Mission

3 states are home to more than a million veterans: California (1.8 million), Florida (1.5 million), and Texas (1.7 million).  30% of Veterans suffer from some form of PTSD.  Only 50% of affected Veterans will seek treatment at some point in their lives.  Look only at Texas that's 540,000 Veterans suffering from PTSD that have been reported.  That's an alarming number and that's just PTSD and just Veterans.  First Responders are experiencing PTSD rates similar to Combat Veterans.  All this points to needing a way to relax and unwind.  A way to relax and be with people who think like you, talk like you and UNDERSTAND you.



of affected Veterans seek help


of all Veterans suffer from PTSD

1.7 Million

Veterans just in Texas


With outings happening every month and our membership continually growing we're quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Veteran Support world.  We also partner with non-profits in the area and participate in their events and donate to their individual causes.  The bottom line is, if it's helpful to the community and getting people connected with other like-minded folks, we're in.   

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Get Involved

If you're in Texas or anywhere close we're constantly looking for new members and volunteers.  We're willing to look at any sort of event that our members can dream up.  If there's something you're interested in it's a guarantee that someone else is interested in it too.  Donations are always welcome as it allows us to do the things that we do.  Also donations in kind help our mission if you've got access to a facility or equipment that would help with an event that may be more valuable than a monetary donation.  It doesn't matter what type or how long or where the event is, what matters is the fellowship within our growing community and getting people out of the house and into the WILD!

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