Brandon Hammond

Architect of wild

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and settling in Hillsboro, Oregon, Brandon quickly realized a love of the outdoors at a young age.  Joining the US Army after high school allowed him the chance to live in Central Texas after assignment to Ft. Hood.  He immediately fell in love with the 9 month summer/3 month everything else climate and eventually decided to make home in San Antonio.  After exiting the military he began looking for ways to stay involved with the Veteran Community through volunteering and started working with different non-profit groups in the area.  After watching, learning and seeing the good, bad and ugly there was a desire for more a personal involvement and Heroes gone WILD was born.


Matthew Lowell

Numero dos

Matt is the #2 member of Heroes gone WILD.  He has been an integral part of the program from the brainstorming stage all the way to what has become to date.  An avid fisherman especially when adding in a self propelled watercraft he is constantly looking for ways to "win the battle" against the creatures of the water and is a mentor and a friend to many Veterans.


Timothy Voss

WILd coordinator

Growing up in the Northeast Tim learned a love of the outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing and when he joined the Army it gave him an outlet to spend most of his time doing the type of things that he loved.  When he retired from the Army he was searching for another avenue to do just that, Heroes gone WILD has opened up many of those opportunities, and to be able to assist other Veterans in their personal journey has been AMAZING!


Mike Allen

populace outreach chieftain                                                   

Mike is the epitome of 'Merica.  He has created an epic network of individuals in his community to service the Veteran World and is constantly looking for ways to improve and help benefit the Veteran Community as a whole.  He also exemplifies the mission of Heroes gone WILD in that he has a deep love for his brothers and sisters and is always ready to jump in a kayak, go for a run, crawl through the mud or sit on the porch with a glass of freedom and chat over a good cigar.